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Bach Stradivarius trombone

Bach Stradivarius trombone model 16 professional . Cleaned and adjusted, in very good…

Besson euphonium

Besson euphonium professional model, most of the dents removed and cleaned up. In very…

Hopf tenor recorder

Hopf tenor recorder in very good shape, sounds great. 150.00

Yamaha flute

Yamaha flute, adjusted and cleaned. Very good condition. 395.00

Artley flute

Artley flute, cleaned and repadded 295.00

Expression flute

Expression flute, almost new, $295.00

Yamaha double french horn

Yamaha double french horn, dents removed, cleaned and adjusted $950.00

Van Hall tenor saxophone

Van Hall tenor saxophone, repadded, mechanically overhauled, made in Germany. 750.00

Guitare SeriesA

SeriesA electric guitar with Floyd Rose trem. Bar. Very good condition. Adjusted $250.00

Guitare Ashbury

Ashbury acoustic guitar, good condition, recently adjusted $75.00

New violins, many sizes

New violins, many sizes, with case and bow, shop serviced. From $195.00C each.

Old violin Joh.Bapt.Schweitzer

Old violin « Joh.Bapt.Schweitzer » with case and bow, small crack repaired on top $595.00…

Couesnon Bb Tuba

Couesnon Bb Tuba, Dents removed $1200.00 C

Oxford Eb Sousaphone

Oxford Eb Sousaphone, most of the dents removed, hardshell case is included.

Artley piccolo 5P

Artley piccolo 5P, solid silver head and body $595.00 C

Selmer Oboe 123F

Selmer Oboe 123F, repadded, in very good condition $1495.00 C

Beaver creek guitar

Beaver creek guitar, brand new. $150.00 C

BH400 bassoon by Amati.

BH400 bassoon by Amati. In good condition, with new case and bocal. $1950.00 C