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New violins, many sizes, with case and bow, shop serviced. $195.00 C each.

Artley piccolo 5P, solid silver head $595.00 C

Old violin « Joh.Bapt.Schweitzer » with case and bow, small crack repaired on top $595.00 C

Selmer Oboe 123F, repadded, in very good condition $1495.00 C

Couesnon Bb Tuba, Dents removed $1200.00 C

Millenium Washburn guitar equipped with pick up and EQ, cracks repaired on top. $ 495.00 C

Oxford Eb Sousaphone, most of the dents removed, hardshell case is included.

ST40 Norman guitar, solid cedar top, mahogany back and sides, in very good condition $450.00

Ambassador tenor sax, repadded, mechanical overhaul. SOLD

Beaver creek guitar, brand new. $150.00 C